What do u call a slut in a saree? 

What do you call the girl you may / may not be knowing from your social media profile wearing a bikini ? 


It’s not the saree or the bikini that outrages you. It’s the audacity of this ‘bitch’ to fall off the line. How dare she gather that strength to not give a fuck to the society or ‘You’. How dare she play with your hormonal balances!?! How dare she show off her waist or her skin ?!? How !??? Ain’t she got the sanity to think it’s not just hers . The skin she flaunt , the absurd waist size she has , it’s not just hers. It belongs to the society where lecherous eyes stare and greedy hands grab them . It belongs to the society where ‘her’ existence as a foetus is questioned! She wasn’t supposed to live! This bitch grew up to show her goddamned valour to this society! No doubt I was molested as a 12 year old! You won’t be taken aback either if I get raped!I asked for it! I risked for it ! No doubt I don’t get married at the age of 32. I was a wild storm to tackle in my twenties . Doesnt matter if I get beaten up by my husband . Domestic violence is the only way to bridle the untamed mare.Had her parents controlled her.Not a big deal my husband rapes me every night. Every one knew about my love flings with guys. Had I known being a virgin was such a big deal. But let that come upon that bitch. At the age of 35, I stand there wrapped from head to toe,a mark or two on my face , childless at the brink of depression. Doesn’t matter to you . The bitch brought it on herself. 




But the life of this bitch matters to me coz’ m that bitch. 

Amusing it is to see a pic and comment on it. Hard it is to believe that it’s the same girl you played with as a kid. Extremely easy to  judge the parenting and the family she belongs to . But for once relax your brows , slower your breathing and think! Think wats easier? To let go and let an individual live her life. It’s long enough we lived under the burden of the society . The society is us! We decide what we let in and accept and what we don’t. In the end what matters is not how we controlled others’ lives or poked into it . What matters is how we lived. How can we expect a country like ours with people like us ;thought process of a third world nation to become a first world country. 

Damn sure you didn’t get it again .! 

To those who understood – Namaste !👍

To the rest – ‘ I seriously don’t  give a fuck!’



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