Try our (xyz) cream to get 2 times fairer skin, try (whatsoever) serum to get diamond radiance. Use ( I don’t give a f@#* ) shampoo and conditioner to get silky soft hair .

Why has the world come up with a particular definition of beauty? Why are we supposed to look beautiful and feel beautiful? Why is it that confidence supposed to reach it epitome only when we feel good , we feel beautiful? Why is it that Cinderella gets to date prince charming? Why do we call the saga of beauty and the beast a legend? Why a rose looks exquisite and we don’t turn our eye on a cactus? 

Why am I supposed to be beautiful when I can be just me ?

Be so beautiful inside out that people wait to get your single glance. So beautiful that bards sing melodies abt your beauty. 

7 billion people on this planet where life thrives(until you are an official from NASA and allowing me to visit AREA18 I am sticking to this point ), and you have a sleek definition of beauty. Why to commercialize white skin when I was born black. Nature decided to paint my chromosomes and genes then what right does lakme have to call that ‘not beautiful’. Why to burn the shit out of curly hair to get their spine straight. Why to seduce a guy by painting my lips red ? Red or not ! You love me ? Pull me close and kiss me !!  Why to starve yourself and punish it just because you were born with a broad waist size? Baby !the right guy is gonna hug you tight and pull you up no matter how big the circumference is.  Why to put up a padded bra to show an extra cleavage? Honey ! I have seen a mom of two, suffering from breast cancer , with no boobs atall rock the party with her grace. The Pixar and the Disney show princesses , ladies ,- fair , sober, waist so small just like the strand of my hair , well behaved , good at heart, silky manageble hair (how do they manage to get that ?)…. And they get their prince charming !!! Their knight!! Well ! I am no cinderella . Nor I have the heart of Ariel to sacrifice my voice for the love of my life. I am no Snow White . I AINT FAIREST OF THEM ALL.  Does that imply that I won’t get my Prince. 

Who cares! 

My beauty is in my curls, just like dry noodles spread on the saucepan. My tanned skin. My dark brown eyes, just like roasted almonds. My rectangular body with little curves . No prince owns me . Technically no one owns me . I own myself . For the sake of the 22 years of relationship with myself I own my ugliness with a pride. 

Find a man, they said.

Who looks at you as the stars ponder over the horizon in dusk.

 Who looks at you as a traveller gazing the setting of the sun.

Who skips a heart beat with your single glimps . 

Find a man , they said; who calls you beautiful. 

Who cares!* I replied.

 I would love to have a man who would know how ugly I am. Who would accept me with all the ugliness. Embrace them as he would cuddle me. Why to wait for a prince to glide down by waist and handle the pressure of looking beautiful. Why not have a Shrek and enjoy the ugliness we are born with. Even if you dont find your Shrek find yourself lucky and be your hero. Merida asked for her own hands. Turned the destiny . So be you. Be ugly. Cause ugly has nothing to negate. Theirs no harm, no disrespect in being ugly. Its an adjective, it describes. And anything that describes you cannot be bad until you look upon it that way. 

Its my ugliness that makes me different,discribes me. And remember …. U are special!!!!!

Have a beautiful/ugly day !!!!!


12 thoughts on “To be or not to be … Beauty-fool!!👽

  1. This was the best post I read and I needed this!!! Amazing writing! It must have touched so many hearts. Keep up the good work :).
    Also it would be great if you could stick around my blog and help me with your thoughts about it so that I can improve as I am new to blogging. I could really use your help πŸ™‚
    Hope to see you around.

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