It’s hard to strive as a lady in this world, but for a man , it’s harder!!!

It‘s difficult to cover whats already covered. I am a girl.My body and every inch of my skin needs to be covered. The hormonal and the chromosome structure forbids me to  walk on an empty street. The physiological structure (that’s totally cool with animals) demands special attention. I am a lady . I am beautiful. Though beauty lies in the eye of a beholder, my fury can put the streets on fire if you look down upon me. I am a woman and I am proud. What makes me more of a woman is , keeping an eye open for every man . All because,  Men Rape!

Take a seat ! 

Will you have some water? 

Sit back and relax! Cause what I m going to write needs patience and you need to keep your opinions and standards aside for a moment. 

How hard is it to wear pants ? I guess that’s normal! It’s normal for the world to put opinion with respect to the size of your wallet. No matter what you are, how good , how talented, how gracious God has been on your looks ,what matters is your bank account. Let’s call a spade a spade. You aren’t a man if you don’t earn well, feed your family. How hard is it for you to get the girl of your dreams , whom you has no parameters. Love is unconditional. But it would be selfish to see tears in the same pretty face, it would hurt to let go all her expectations. There wouldn’t be love anymore. 
Superman, Batman, Phantom, Shaktiman! Isn’t it misogynous,for the authors to depict all strong characters to be male and the women are left to be either a feeble prey for the story to feed upon or ending up being a witch! 

Let’s take an another dimension of the story. Men, since their childhood have been adulterated with facts of being a tall muscular giant who saves the world and gets the lady . Great! Men are supposed to be heros. What if he isn’t a hero ! He is that shy little pretty girl who needs to get rescued!  The pressure to become better and strong. The fact that it’s a shame to hide your ass and run away in times of trouble ,because Men don’t do that , makes you less of a human you are. Being less of you certainly doesn’t make you more of a man. Some heroes don’t wear capes ! They come with little gestures of  humility, respect for all as humans. 

It happened not so long ago. It was barely 8 at night. I missed my bus. The only option left was to walk to my apartment. I fed the earphones ,played my favorite playlist and started walking. Skipping ,with uneven pace of the music I hit the kerb of the road. I balanced myself. Blessed that I didn’t strike my face on the pavement. I continued. Same pace , the skipping. I lowered my earphones a bit . I heard a faint noise. I turned. Two boys . Calling me out . Running towards me. I looked around . None! Without missing a slight moment I ran. My pace didn’t care about Rihanna’s beat. I ran!  It was when I reached the market area , I took a calm breath. I took a moment to relax and bless my stars and off course my shoes. 

 I sat down for a while. As I turned around my neck , I saw them again. What enraged me that ,the audacity to follow me so far and call out for me in public. The next thing I remember was the crowd on heels. I love it when people reach out to help a girl from such molesters.

Among all the chaos ,I heard that faint voice clearly . “Madam ! Your purse, you dropped it near the pavement.

Not all men Rape!! 
We as ladies have had enough of the share of stereotyping. We faced it with all grace and strength. Let’s applaud ourselves. But why to put the same sword on someone else’s neck. We have faced the evils of name calling !  Being called a slut! We have been molested at the age of 5 ! We don’t get what we deserve.  But just because I own a vagina I can’t blame a man for having a penis!  This man has been a son as we have been daughters. This man has fallen equally in love with me , and I am to blame myself equally as I blame him if it doesn’t work out. This man has been a father , as I have been a mother. And when you talk about father’s you know how much more your dad has put on for you ! This man has been my friend to talk ,hug and even kiss my pain away; and if nothing more he can just lend an ear even if I friendzoned his love. This man after a tiresome and weary day lends you his seat ( because that’s called manners) .  The world has been unjust to us ! I agree! But the men suffer the same too. 

Let’s take a glass of wine with them. Applaud each other for the ups and downs we faced together. It wasn’t a lady’s world ever . But it isn’t a man’s world either. Not anymore I guess!  Let’s make it our world. 

And for once let’s take a bow for these men!!


13 thoughts on “Ladies take a bow!!

  1. *cries* 😢
    Finally someone understands us. Men don’t rape. He should be a hero saving his family or loved, not a rapist. And rapists are not men.

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  2. Ya thanks for opening the suffer too.its the fact.idiotic behaviour is not gender specific,there are worst people in both the gender and there are v good once too:)

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