Dear Dad

Dear dad,

I hope you are doing well!

Congrats ! Your little girl is all grown up now. She got her first paycheck. It feels so good. So different. But the credit is all yours . All the sweat, patience  ,weary nights , stress , all that you endured quietly ; it’s all done today. I hope I have done you proud.

I was awarded the star employee. Two more months of this same effort and I am gonna outshine . There are 20 of us in our team. I being the only girl in the there. I sometimes feel unwanted, but I cope up with it well. I remember that day in school. When I won the championship trophy. I heard your clap . It was the loudest. It echoed down my eardrums. I had made you proud. 12 schools ,24 students and your daughter won it. I remember you all tall and proud, boasting that I was no less than any boy, in fact I was better than all boys.  I laughed the thing proudly. Well, I am keeping up  with it . My work is better than any of the boy’s in my group, it’s just that the people give that credit to my extremely good rapport with my seniors. Had you warned me to not to be me! Had you warned me that in this world of patriarchy I am only a girl! Never mind I’ll get over it .

I travel alone. Run my own errands. I even cook on my own. How secured I was when I was with you. You dared me not to enter the kitchen . I was no usual girl. I was your princess,and I was no less than any guy, and a boy is not supposed to enter the kitchen. Yet how secured you kept me. I didn’t step out of my house alone. Never . It was either behind you on the bike , or on the side seat of the car. But you didn’t tell me that all that care wasn’t because I was your princess. It wasn’t because I deserved the best . It was because you were protecting me from the worst that happens to every girl that dares to be a boy and walks alone. Something like that happened to me . A gang of bikers hit my posterior and squeezed my bossom as I confidently walked the street alone . Their laugh! It still echoes to give a quick shiver to my soul. Had you told me that , I am just a girl.!   Dont worry dad I am over it. Not even in my lamest dreams I would dare to stride down an empty road .

Well, forget all that. It happens. It has been happening for a long time. It’s just that this time it’s your daughter. Don’t you worry dad I am no less than those guys. They must have  forgotten me after that night but I shall let it linger to my soul.FOREVER!

Remember the day when I qualified for the air force. 13 lakh applicants and 200 selected. I was chosen for the flying branch. I heard your voice break over the call. I heard you cry. Their was something flooding that empty space in my heart. Those were tears of joy. I was better than many other good men of the country. I was a Proud citizen . What broke me was my being Better than any guy didn’t save you from the heavy burden of dowry. You didn’t put in so much of effort so that a settled boy can rate me and put a price tag on me. It was no more just on me. Had it a thing about my respect, love , ego, pride , modesty , I would have let it go . I would have said , ‘ never mind dad, I’ll get over it’. But not this time!

Dad , being better than a guy is tough. It’s heart wrenching to compare myself to some one who can put my effort and morale down . It’s hard to believe that I am anywhere near ,let alone being better than anyone who squeezed my modesty in an empty street. 

 Sorry to disappoint you dad but I am less than all other boys . I AM JUST A GIRL!

Your daughter.


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