Book- 1 .. 


My heart thumped as he unzipped my jacket. The soft smell of the perfume unlocked.It was the first time I felt someone’s hand so close to myself. I felt his warm breath on the pink bralette that exposed the supple bossom. Beneath it my heart pounded as every moment ticked ahead. 

It was December. I have been dating this guy for an year. But that day it felt like my whole world shrunk into a capsule.I felt that small capsule pleasing. Solace among all wrongs ,he was what I felt right. Not my prince charming but yeah my knight in shining armour. I had that swooning maiden elan. Yes i was in my teens. Hormones were building. Stupid it may sound but that what what I felt. 

(School bell rung ) 

Ap: rush! Assembly bell 

I skipped a step or two and jumped on the ground. All ran towards the main gate. It was my first day in high school. I kept tugging in my shirt and pulling my skirt up. There were’nt much moments when I had shaky legs but this was a totally different issue. I had always fantasised about this school DE NOBILI FRI. An all boys christian missionary. Tall roman architecture with figurative sacred art . The catholic statues. Well the elan of Roberto Denobili didn’t fascinate me. Neither was I from a convent that I sulked for a single sight of a male . It was that I was going to see my ex ,two months post our breakup. And all  I wanted to come out was good and clean. Yes , and a girl to die for among his friends. 

 We rushed inside the school. Made the line formation according to our classes. I looked around . Boys !!! I had come from a coeducation school but there’s something mysterious about the boys who havent felt a feminine presence . Yea i got the red herring the next moment ,  eyes oogling at me. Fine ! A good start. Before us stood a malificient building . Like that of catholic church architecture . With big gapped windows tappered with roman design and a cross over them painted in contrast. On the division of the windows were vertical strips carved with a diya, a lotus and moon . All of this looked so serene and gentle . It was a 15 min assembly . But the reflexes of my eyes seemed to be more functional than my ears. I watched the seniors girls. My skirt inched below my knee. The shirt hung loose . The socks tightly locked my calves. Hair tight held behind. The only thing good were my new shiny shoes.

After the assembly , the line formation departed into the three exits. I loved the management. Well, I entered my class. Quick scan and I found my ex. Bald, skinny , thug. But yea i liked him. I stood for a while trying to find a place to fit my ass into. Bingo !!! The only seat vacant was next to him. I glided through the space. Beckoned to the boy sitting infront of the vacant seat , and in the softest voice i could ever say ” could you please move to the next seat ?”  All I remember next is an awkward look and the boys hooting insanely. 

While I was already so busy with my life and the seats, little did I know that my love story had already begun. 

The high school had two sections. Science and commerce. I had a deal with my dad that I would crack my engineering exams only if he let me study in THAT school. I landed up in taking science. He after all the pressure, research, talking , councelling chose commerce. I am 5 8′. Its rare to find a girl that tall in my place. I stood last in the line . The adjacent line had the commerce boys. He is 5 11′. A normal tall boy. It was the first time he noticed me. Well, it was the first time he saw me. Stood infront just to be at my side and stare the whole time . Oblivious to that I kept pulling my skirt up watching the other girls. Little did I know , there were things differently planned for me . All that came next were surprises in  little box of chocolates.


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