‌Its heart wrenching …. Its like someONE forced his hand into my mouth &pulled out the lungs. Like million pins poking the aorta walls . Its like you are thrown in the sea.. And you gasp for the last deep breath …
Yes it felt so, when HE LEFT ME….
I knew he wasn’t going to stay with me forever. Forever is too big a word .And I have never believed in promises. There were times when I used to rest my head on his lap. He so lovingly used to fondle. I MISS THAT TOUCH…

People often said , we have things in common. He used to give that soothing smile. All I did was throw that naive laughter. I MISS THAT CLICK …

Its really hard to put me to sleep at night . Its like all the blood gushing into my head at once and all the thoughts have a giant marathon in the cerebra of thoughts. Its hard to explain a not so common insomnia .. Coz i sleep like a cow in the morning … But HE always understood it. All my weird thoughts and dreams had a cave … And he was my caveman … I MISS OUR LATENIGHT TALKS…

Things were all good.. There was love, Care, respect , fun … and there was FEAR… FEAR OF LOOSING HIM ..
I sat beside him . Weeping , sulking , and a hope that he stays. He stayed stoned. No emotions . I held his hand ,tight and tighter as i howled out his name in despair. He looked into my eyes . I saw the calmness and i sulked even more . He smiled and left me .He took the last breath as my parents rushed to him. My Baba left me… AND I HATE TO SEE THAT BED EMPTY , CAUSE I MISS HIM…


4 thoughts on “THE BED💠

  1. Very, “intensely” I guess is the word.
    Intense and great too is the right word for this post!
    Looking for more, and maybe next time I’ll get myself more prepared with more words to describe :p
    Well written 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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