It was  a random summer evening …. Well I need to restart… It was a really hot summer evening. I and my “special friend ” 😀  sat in a park. It was just a small park .  It wasnt technically a park either . It was the central part of the market. Huge lush green neem trees surrounding that part . There were four benches . We sat on one of them. But what fascinated me were the four empty chairs at one corner. Weird? Huh!!!


The market was a cool place . Young , old , middle age , all hung out. Cafes, restos, and that  “FAMOUS ROLL SHOP ” (THAT MY SPECIAL FRIEND KEPT CHANTING) tingled my taste buds. I think that the aroma like a serpent slithered through my nosetrills … The place was fun. BUT THE CHAIRS WERE EMPTY.  I may sound a psycopath if I mention this again that the chairs were empty ,but it pinched a quick imagination into my head.

Just imagine , the four chair, the four empty chair , the four empty chair who could talk and feel just like us. The feeling of being unwanted. Imagine how desperate and sad they would be when we passed them unnoticed. How dwsperate they would be (for our butts).They have people around them , not with them. The feels !!!! Of being useless, uncared. All they have is each other . Resting side by side alway. Through seasons,through days and nights. Well I imagine them as old couples. Now i guess you definitely concider me crazy. But trust me if you start framing what i wanna say you will soon get it.

The central part of the park is just like the center of our life and everything is around it . The fun , the business, the chats, the relationships, friends , gizmos,chats, work, fights, and the famous roll shop tickling my salivary glands, all surround it. We rarely come to the centre to discuss all these cause we do not find a NEED to do that. Coz our comfort zone is somewhere else . And the four empty chairs are the old couples … Yes you know them , you know it well that they feel alone coz u arent there . Now imagine them . Can u? Yes!! Its your parents or  grand parents. I believe now you dont think i m a psycopath.

Feels! Right? I guess , itz good to create your own world , but wouldn’t it feel better if we filled a little void in there heart… Hold on to your chair !!!!!!!  I am already calling my mom!


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